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CBD Help In Healing Fractures

How Can CBD Help In Healing Fractures?

Have you ever had a fracture? Then you must be aware of the immense pain that you have to undergo because of it. Fracture is very common in people of all ages as it is not a disease but an injury. However, a person of older age has higher chances of getting a fracture. The worst part about a fracture is that it takes a lot of time to get healed and you will have to bear the pain for a considerable amount of time. You will not be able to move around properly. All your movements will be restricted. You will have to be under strict supervision and you will no longer be able to carry out your day to day life activities with ease. Even after your fracture is healed, you may have to suffer from a lot of complications.

What are fractures?

A fracture is a crack in any of the bones of our body. Due to a severe injury or an accident, your bones may get broken. It can either be a single fracture or multiple fractures depending on the intensity of your accident. It may occur in one part or even different parts of your body. In case of a fracture, immediate medical help is required.
What happens when you get a fracture?
A fracture is generally followed by immense pain which mainly occurs if there is any kind of pressure on the injured area. You may even feel dizzy. Some of the symptoms of a fracture include extreme pain, swelling, redness around the injured area and deformity in the injured area.

What are the different types of fractures?

Fractures can be of different types.

Simple fracture: Simple fracture is also referred to as a closed fracture. In this kind of fracture, your skin does not break open because of the fracture.

Compound fracture: Compound fracture is also referred to as an open fracture. As a result of this fracture, the skin tears because of the broken bone and your internal injuries become exposed. This is highly dangerous and can put you at serious risk because there are higher chances of an infection.

Complete fracture: Complete fracture occurs when your bone breaks completely and it gets crashed into two or more pieces. This kind of fracture can either be a single fracture or comminuted fracture. In single fracture, a single bone can break into two pieces whereas, in a comminuted fracture, your bone can break into three or more places.

Incomplete fracture: In incomplete fracture, your bones do not break completely. The broken pieces remain attached at some point.
When does a fracture occur?
A fracture mainly occurs when a particular part of your body is exposed to explain pressure or force. The pressure or force is more than what your body can endure as a result of which your bones get cracked or broken. The amount of breakage generally depends on the amount of force applied. Some of the common causes of a fracture include fall, accidents, sports injury, traumatic events or direct impact on any part of your body.

Which people are at higher risk of getting a fracture?

People who are slightly older are at a greater risk of experiencing a fracture. Also, people who have calcium deficiency can easily get a fracture. This happens in patients of osteoporosis. People who indulge in excessive drinking or smoking can also get a fractured very easily because their bone density becomes low.

How a fracture is generally treated?

After a fracture has been successfully diagnosed, it is generally treated depending upon the type of fracture as well as its location. In general, your doctor or your orthopedic surgeon will try to put back your bones in their proper location and stabilize them so that they get healed as soon as possible. The bones must stay in their correct positions until they are healed. The healing process can be quite painful. The bones need to be properly aligned and for that, you may have to use a cast which will keep your bones in their right place. The doctor also gives you pain-killers which will help you to get relief from the excessive pain. Another treatment which is being used to heal fractured bone is CBD.

CBD and fractures:

We have all heard of CBD. It is one of the most beneficial products of recent times. Previously, it was known that CBD can be used to treat inflammation, pain, depression and many more. But in recent studies, it was revealed that CBD can be used to increase the rate of growth of bones after a fracture. It can speed up the healing process. This is because of its impact on the endocannabinoid system. It is the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating the activities of the bone cells. So, CBD usage can help to speed up recovery from a fracture.

How does CBD help in treating fractures?

CBD can act as a pain reliever: CBD can help you to get rid of the immense pain which you have to go through once you have had a fracture. It will regulate the amount of anandamide hormone in your blood. Anandamide is responsible for controlling pain. So, if the amount of anandamide hormone increases in your blood, it will help you in pain management.

CBD increases the rate of cell growth: It was seen that CBD could increase the activities of the bone cells of our body. This rapidly helps in healing the cracks in our bones.
CBD has the anti-inflammatory property: CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. It can help to reduce the swelling which occurs in the injured parts of our body. CBD can also help to improve your immunity system.

Is CBD a sure way to treat fractures?

In a study with which was conducted a few years back, CBD extract was given to a rat who had a broken femur. After CBD consumption, it was observed that the rate of growth of the bone cells increase rapidly and the rat was healed within a very short period. Thus, it was proved that CBD could be successfully used in treating fractures.

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